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About Caregiver's Helper, Inc.

Caregiver's Helper is a non-profit treatment foster care agency., where the focus is the protection of children in care from further abuse and neglect, through recruiting, training and licensing of appropriate individuals and families, to become foster parents to children entering care. We recruit and license parents year round. Caregiver's Helper, Inc. serves children from birth to 18 and up to 21 years if the youth has DD, who present with diverse social-emotional and behavioral issues. Other services offered at Caregiver's Helper are: Community and In-house respite care; 2) independent living skills classes; 3)  wrap-around service, youth support groups, foster parents training, and parent support services. Our staff and foster families are diverse, and we serve children from all backgrounds, irrespective of race, color or national origin. 

Caregiver's Helper, Recruiting Events

Caregiver's Helper, conducts 3 major recruiting fairs each year. These take place at a variety of settings in the Fall, Spring and Summer. This is usually a community-wide event that incorporates giving gifts and /recruiting materials to the general public for attending. Our recruiting activities are ongoing, and we recruit all races, color and national origin.

Why you should get involved and support us

Yearly, no fewer than 3 million children are abused and neglected in the U.S. Reports about a child's death from abuse or neglect is the  norm, as 3 children die daily. But healing and second chance at childhood in a safe, healthy, family setting does come via foster care. This is what Caregiver's Helper offers children and youths.

Why you should consider giving us a call

Consider giving us a call or stopping by our office for a chat. We are treatment oriented. We pay our foster parents competitive rates, hence they remain committed and able to meet case plan goals. Our staff are experienced, caring, flexible and operates an open door policy. We also provide year round, in-house parent training, which helps parents maintain required annual training hours.

Our other programs and services

Caregiver's Helper, Inc. assists children in agency care with their home work assignments to promote educational success. The agency also provides community and in-house respite care.

We also offer in-class Independent Living Skills t(ILS) raining to youths who are fourteen years or older. To get a certificate of completion, youths attending the ILS must attend all 12 scheduled classes and complete assignments as requested.   

Some questions you might have

Who are we? Caregiver's Helper, Inc. is a not-for profit foster care agency, with headquaters in Columbus, Ohio. 

Our hours: 9am-5p Monday through Friday. But available for after hour calls and placement requests daily. 

Qualifying to Foster? Must be at least 21 years, no criminal record, has room in your home/apartment for a child, married, single, divorced, widowed okay. Must complete application packet and 36 hours required training.

Our Staff? the staff at Caregiver's Helper, have proper educational and are accordingly credentialed 

Resources/income: applicants need to have own income sufficient to meet basic household expenses to qualify.

How to reach us? Call (614) 418-9123 or email:  or stop in at the office: 2176 Citygate Drive, Ste A. Columbus Ohio 43219.